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Steven Rogers

Visionary, forward-thinking entrepreneur with versatile background
combining science, business and web communications.

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My firm, Ecostat, Inc., designs practical, innovative scientific web and mobile apps that look great and are easy to use. Ecostat also designs data discovery apps, WordPress and social media marketing sites. Clients include private and government organizations, such as the Florida Department of Citrus, Citrus Research and Development Foundation, Novartis, Syngenta, Packers of Indian River, the University of Florida and others.


Adobe Certified Instructor, Photoshop Photography, Digital Media/Marketing


Colorado School of Mines Geostatistics (Professional Course)


Clemson University Nematode Identification (Professional Course)


Post-Doc, University of Florida Entomology and Computer Modeling


Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley Plant Pathology


M.S., University of Florida Horticultural Sciences


B.S, Florida Southern College Double Major, Citrus and Natural Sciences


Disney University Business of Show Business


Representative Projects

Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence

University of Florida (2016)

Currently developing an artificial-intelligence-based expert system for citrus growers to use in analyzing real-world growing situations. This app serves as an expert "second opinion" for interpreting complex planting scenarios. This app, using Exsys Corvid is deployed using a Java Servlet on Tomcat for speed and mobile compatibility. UPDATE JUNE 2016: We are pleased to announce that our rootstock expert system is ready! You can find it online at the University of Florida Online Rootstock Selection Guide.



Precision Agriculture and Field Data Solutions

Entonet, Inc. (2001)

Twenty years ago, Dr. Rogers proposed what was then a radical idea: let's get farmers to use the same technology en masse and capture their field data into a central repository. Let's mine those data in aggregate to provide real-time management recommendations. The result of that idea was Rogers' invention of one of the first mobile scouting technology platforms in the world, called "Entonet". First developed in 1997, Entonet was a repository of crowd-sourced agricultural field data. This type of technology for the first time combined Internet-based analytics, artificial intelligence, and soon geo-referenced data, to provide farmers with easy-to-access real-time management recommendations based on their own field recon. The data were also sourced for proprietary modeling and forecasting services. You can read more about how this platform was used to optimize management in HortTechnology Magazine. Initially developed for citrus, the system was later ported to cotton, soybean, tomato and other crops.



User Interface

University of Florida (2015)

Implemented core DataTable technology and designed architecture for cooperative programming project with the University of Florida Citrus Research and Education Center. The University of Florida designed and coded their own branding in this project. This website is a revision of Drs. Bill Castle and Steve Futch's excellent online Florida Citrus Rootstock Selection Guide. You can read about this web platform in Citrus Industry Magazine and Indian River's newsletter.


2008 to 2014

Information Architecture

Citrus Research and Development Foundation (2012)

Originally designed and web-deployed a world-class scientific proposal, review and reporting platform adopted by a major citrus research foundation. Designed with Kyle Jensen (currently at the Yale School of Management) and hosted by the University of California at Davis, this platform was an information architecture built around PDF Form technology. Roy Scott Illustration collaborated on visual design. Researchers used this system to report results of their work in near-real-time.



Corporate Website

Florida Department of Citrus (2012)

Developed a corporate website for the Florida Department of Citrus. Designed site to be easy for staff to maintain and flexible enough to add hundreds of reports and presentations essential to all stakeholders in the Florida citrus industry. Designed in collaboration with Roy Scott Illustration.



iPhone App Design

Internal Project (2014)

Designed and developed a handheld PDA app to acquire wasp release data in real time, cloud sync and generate reports sent to the Florida Department of Agriculture.


Artificial Intelligence One of my main research topics is knowledge engineering and artificial intelligence. That is, human decision processes and how they are translated into real-world practice. Currently designing an AI-based web application for the University of Florida. Deployed and licensed first commercial AI system in 1997 to Novartis Crop Protection and later through Syngenta.

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Web Design / Photography

Appearances are important in software and web design. Users are more productive when apps are easy to navigate and use. Type and color in web design have a big impact on use and acceptance of a web application. Here are examples of websites we have worked with visual artists and other programmers to produce in which design plays an important role in website value.

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    FDOCGrower Website

    Portfolio Item
    Citrus Research and Development Foundation

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    Blue Goose Growers

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Software Skills

If you want to learn about using the right data structures to find relationships, I recommend Google's online course, Making Sense of Data. This two-day course takes you from start to finish on data structures and using Google FusionTables to analyze complex data sets.

Adobe Photoshop

Working primarily in Mac OS. Adobe certified, also qualified in visual communications and design. Software includes Adobe InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator and Premier.

Filemaker Pro

Design and development of multi-user Filemaker Pro desktop, web and mobile platforms, including iPhone and iPad apps that sync to a cloud server for data sharing.

WordPress/Social Media

Site architecture, theme development, social media, web marketing and outreach, search engine optimization, project design and management.


Experimental design, ANOVA, spatial and geostatistics, neural networks, "messy" data and data conversion. Software includes Prism, DeltaGraph, Wizard, StatCrunch, Stata and Panorama for data conversions.


Technology Ventures

Successfully transitioned agricultural consultancy business model to a software and web design firm specializing in design for science and industry.

Project Management

Managed a number of large- and small-scale projects in the areas of web applications development, data acquisition and analysis.

Visual Communication

Designed visual communication programs for various entities in the Florida citrus industry.

Software Licensing

Skilled at drafting and negotiating software and intellectual property licensing agreements.

Publications and Blogs

Citrus Guide


Florida Citrus: A Comprehensive Guide

University of Florida

Florida Citrus: A Comprehensive Guide, edited by David Tucker, Steven Rogers, Edward Stover and Michael Ziegler. From tree selection to product marketing, Florida Citrus: A Comprehensive Guide is an essential reference for all things citrus.

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My photography is found on a number of websites and is licensed for some international marketing programs. Using our own original imagery is one way we make our designs unique.

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    Consulting services and professional fees available on request.

    My family is in land development and citrus, and I help others organize and fund scientific research.

    I like hiking, running, biking, travel and exotic dining. I also like New York, and you might see me at B&H Photo, poking around Broadway/Times Square with friends or trying the latest styles.

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